They Really Said That?

Political insanity. From the horse's mouth, so to speak.


The House just passed my bipartisan Obamacare repeal bill.

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Missed in real-time (May).

Note: this is “the 37th time the House voted for repeal since the law took effect in 2011.” (CBS Reality Check)

As far as the bill 
being bi-partisan, only two Democrats voted yes. Not-so-much, Rep. Bachman

I just wish that we could talk about books as if they are for use, not as symbols of enduring knowledge that must be preserved against the ravages of digital barbarians or as emblems of obdurate and blinkered resistance to inevitable change.

Throwing the Books at Each Other | Inside Higher Ed (via infoneer-pulse)

Sometimes I need to share quotes that make a lot of sense. This is one of them!

The louder they scream, the more we know we are getting something done.

Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, reaffirming that not only is he bad for women’s reproductive healthcare/the pro-choice movement, but also that he’s also a major * dick (via zaksaidso)

Staying Sane in Insane Places: Did it ever occur to the people freaking out about the bill in Texas... 

But they aren’t the minority. They’re the majority: only 1-in-3 Texans support the bill. 

Texas Sen. Duel said pregnancy only occurs after “accurate intercourse”

Texas Rep. Dawnna Dukes, 25 June 2013, Austin 

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